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“Why Do I Need A Website? I Use A Social Media Page!”

Social media pages are great for business; however, if you use a social media page instead of a website, you are missing a massive opportunity to tell people a lot of information about your business and why they should pick your company for the service they require.

A website should be the hub of your online presence, with links to social media pages, and all the important information about your business that social media does not give you the opportunity to display, such as a way to contact you via a form and your contact information.

Your website gives you the chance to tell potential customers why they should choose you over your competition.

Websites need to be viewable on multiple device types (TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobiles) and follow best practices when it comes to shareability.

For best results, having a page for each service you provide will give your website a great chance of being found on Google and other search engines, and when paired with SEO and Social Media Management, top rankings in search engines can be achieved.

I would like to be the one to take on responsibility for your online presence, and create the online hub that your business needs.

Contact Next Theme today for the opportunity to get a stunning website combined with SEO and Social Media Management.

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