When it comes to marketing online, it all depends on your budget and what you want to achieve, as to what marketing you do, Search Engine Optimisation “SEO” is a cheaper option in most circumstances, but it can take a long time to get to the first page of search engines, Pay per click “PPC” (Google AdWords, and others) can cost a lot more money, but if you have the budget to spend, it can be good to promote a service or new product.

Depending on the age of your website, and how trustworthy search engines see your website as, can mean that you have to wait 6 months or more to gain rankings, how much competition for a certain keyword can also have a massive effect on your ability to rank for specific keywords and locations.

With SEO, you cannot specify when you gain the ranking you desire, whereas with PPC adverts you can launch at the time that you launch your product or service.